Feb. 9, 2022

Angie Chaplin's Nugget- MIndset and Smart Recovery

Angie Chaplin's Nugget- MIndset and Smart Recovery
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Angie Chaplin joins us to share her incredible story of alcoholism to recovery. It's quite a story of letting go of  real or imagined roles we fall into along the journey of life. Recovery and work have helped her transform her life and live mindfully! Enjoy the show. 

Angie Chaplin is the founder and owner of Mindful Leadership, a coaching and consulting practice grounded in leadership research and guided by mindful behavior. Built on a foundation of nearly 30 years of work in organizational leadership, human resources, and higher education, Angie is a sought-after speaker, coach, facilitator, and educator.

Leveraging her own journey from alcohol addiction to business owner, Angie recently announced Mindful Leadership's expansion to include Mindful Recovery. Through coaching groups integrating science-based recovery pathways with self-leadership practices backed by research, Mindful Recovery groups guide members to achieve and maintain freedom from alcohol.

As one of only 50 Certified Masters of The Leadership Challenge, a contributing author of The Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator’s Guide and The Leadership Challenge Activities Book, Angie specializes in educating empowering leaders on living, loving, and leading exemplary lives of their own design.



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