March 1, 2022

Joshua Shea's Nugget

Joshua Shea's Nugget
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Joshua Shea is the father of two amazing children and the husband to a wonderful wife. He and his family have a menagerie of cats and dogs and reside in Central Maine, where he was born and raised.

Today he works as an author and public speaker, sharing his story and educating others about addiction. Each of his books are available for purchase on Amazon and can be found under the ‘Get Help’ tab on the main menu of

Joshua believes that if we, as a society, can begin to talk more about pornography addiction and mental health, people may be able to address their addictions before they devolve to the unhealthy and criminal places where his very own hit rock bottom.

For years, on the outside, people only saw him as a successful magazine publisher, film festival founder and city councilor. Joshua hid his mental health issues, pornography and alcohol addictions from the world. The end to this façade came in 2013 after engaging a teen girl in an online chatroom. For this action he served six months in jail and credits this experience to being the wake up call needed. Joshua credits his higher-power for giving him the strength to fix his very broken self.

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