Feb. 15, 2022

Sober Onions Nugget-Crystal Morrell

Sober Onions Nugget-Crystal Morrell
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This week Crystal Morrell collaborates with host David Clemen. Crystal shares her experience and struggles to get sober. Now that she is on the path she has started a podcast that helps others in recovery. The podcast is called Sober Onions. 

Crystal Morrell

Crystal resides in sunny California. Recently relocated from Melbourne, Florida. A forty two year old woman who shares about her alcohol abuse and recovery.  Join her as she discusses the hardships and benefits of being sober. She discusses her recovery, detox and rehab experiences.  Join her journey and change through relationships, mental health, medications, meetings and more.  This podcast is about sobriety accountability and goals, and will highlight interviews with guest sharing the same walk of life. This is sobriety in the 20th Century and through a pandemic with Crystal Morrell.



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